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Want to advertise free in City-Centers FREE, and have tools that can make your companies products/services go viral?

City-Centers is committed to global change at present we are building an army of people and companies around the world to help change the future for all of us.

We the people can and will begin to change the way communities pay for services that support their population.

All those the join our global team are giving free ad space in their city and state in our national city directory. Currently as of 10/17/2013 our team is 180,586 members in over 80 countries, and growing steady...

A First-of-its-kind Movement For Global Social/Economic/ Change.

The Global Business Community, Can Change The World Through The Global Direct Sales Industry.

50 Years from now the social needs of people will be paid for through the global economy.

The tax and spend system has proven time and time again to restrict and depress local, national and international economies. Raise a tax people out of their homes, just not the right way.

The time is right, the time is now to bring forth a new era in social funding and support for communities around the globe. The orphan industry (direct sales) that has been ridiculed for years is the key to bring about a greater economic diversity, and prosperity from one Oregon community to the entire global community. Every person, company, charity, association who has a need to communicate can now better communicate and support our grass roots education, economic and environmental support organization!

Mark Genovese whose new concept for global education, economic, and environmental support; has been garnering much interest around the world and interest is growing by the day. Mark has been in the direct sales industry for 28 years and been developing cutting edge marketing systems that will make it more effective for those in the future that join direct sales companies. Mark say’s “Replacing the out dated replicating software is a must to make the industry a known proven means for people around the world to use to generate family wage incomes from the direct sales industry.  Direct sales is statistically proven the most powerful industry in world history, but has been targeted in the past by non-direct sales companies (traditional business’s) out of fear of competition from the success of the industry. This along with people joining companies in hopes of getting rich overnight, this is and never has been true for those joining thinking this fairytale all failed when it was discovered that building a successful business income from any direct sales business is like building a successful business in any industry it requires some time and hard work to achieve success. Most people’s failure is due to improper education on building a direct sales business, and the many scammer's taking advantage of or manipulating people’s dreams. Some join in great desperation to find a better way to support their families overnight. No matter how one failed in the industry it has left them with a negative opinion of the industry.  Some of these negative feelings are justified, but most are out of ignorance, or their lack of education, and from people who formed their opinion solely on hearsay from others that have formed their negative opinion on further hearsay. I know any educated person who will take the time in education themselves on the industry will conclude as I do that it is a great business model that can be duplicated rather quickly to generate income for families and businesses around the world.. No one who has found great success in this world has done it without finding several failed ventures. We are forming our international team to educate those in the proper steps to achieve success on our team.

We the people of the world that believe; can change the minds and opinions of the people in regards to the direct sales industry. This can be done simply by showing the non-believers that it is a powerful industry; that can bring about global change; and support people, companies, education, environment and many other of the needs of the people in all countries around the world. Many people are in great need for change as are some countries are in desperate need of great change.”

Mark has had some great successes in this industry with his latest success was building a direct sales team in excess of 187,600 business centers spanning over 80 countries.

Mark has been for the past 28 years devising a plan for global education and economic change.  When he first started telling people about how we needed to get a global system to finance and enhance the education systems for the world’s children, he was laughed at and mocked. His children were humiliated by his constant and relentless claims that he would change education of children around the world for the benefit of future generations.  At the time the technology was not available, and like many of the software products Mark’s company is and has developed are before their time!

Mark knew with the passing of time all things will change as they must change. Change is the only universal law that is constant and determines “if it (anything)  is or is not going to exist”. if change does not occur in all things in the universe then stagnation and deterioration to the point of that not changing ceases to exist.

Now with that being said is their anyone that cannot see if we the people of this earth do not intervene to bring about a great change that we will all one day soon ceases to exist?

We (if you are reading this I hope you will join with the one who shared this with you and be included in the We) again We are now in the process of creating the first-of-its-kind grass roots organization; one like the world has ever seen.

With a simple goal to:

Enhance Communities - Fund Social Service Needs Of People -  Restore and Enhance Environmental Issues – Fund Schools To Better Educate Children This Is Too Give Them Back or for many children in many 3rd world Countries Give Them The Ability To Dream of A Better Future For The First Time – By Giving The Children The Ability to Dream and To Be Able To Pass This On To The Next Generation Think About That. Bring Education and Unlimited Opportunity To The Global Population; Can Help Foster A Better Understanding Of A True Global Community and In Some People’s Minds Show Them That We Live On The Same Planet - Through A Shared Common Goal Of Helping One Another, Just Perhaps We Can Make Peace Break Out Around The World!

  1. Help fund local Education systems globally
  2. Help fund Charities and NPO's globally
  3. Help fund fire/police dept., and other social service systems the public needs globally
  4. Enhance local economies through better business promotions, job creation, and eliminating taxes on the people leaving them more liquidity to spend more locally.
  5. Restore safe drinking water to 3rd world countries using new filtering methods, build schools and support social service project development.

Instill in our world’s children the ability to once again dream and see the world of opportunities that are available each one of them!
50 years from now funding for services we as human beings living on a common planet together need, to live a comfortable life; will no longer be funded through taxation, but through the global economy!


I HOPE YOU SEE AS Mark sees that the network marketing can change the world, it is not the products of the network marketing company, that will bring about great change but the opportunity and the money raised by selling the products.. Products are the secondary in our plan for global change; there are no products from any company on earth that can accomplish our goals by selling products! Only the money that can be earned by selling the products can bring about global change. Flowing money on a global scale will enhance the global economy and afford our plans to flourish globally.

To change the education system on a global scale we will need companies to be motivated by the plan to change the education system not by the benefits of them using the products, use of or quality of the products must be a secondary benefit to any company joining our global grass roots organization.
Why Should Companies Join Our Global Organization?                                                               
Benefits for companies joining our program will grow over time and soon after we have implemented our marketing system (see note below) will give all our supporters a great sense of pride for supporting our children’s education program and they will soon not have any doubt that they have invested in their companies future growth and have spent the best money they ever have on public relations and internet advertising.

First and perhaps foremost is the public good will they will generate when people see they support the children in their local areas of business.
Note: What Is Coming Soon will be our global internet advertising system that will support both our goals and plans to help better educate our world’s children. Our goals and good will to our corporate and private supporter will be enhanced by our global school indexing system that will be located at (own the domain not set up).  This system will build a local search engine optimized marketing portal for every school sponsored into our program.  This local search engine optimized marketing portal on that page the sponsoring corporation will be able to place their company banner on the page to show the world they support children. This will be a much higher quality of advertising for companies then taking out ads in other online web sites. In addition once we get our international city directory going globally each company sponsoring a school will also get a free ad in this system! NOTE: The City Directory we have built and ran in the United States out performs Yellow Pages, Super Pages, and all other internet directories. This advertising alone will make it a fantastic opportunity to promote their corporation online..

In addition to helping fund education, charities, environmental programs, along with an unlimited number of other social, educational, or environmental programs around the world. Companies can also derive a large and substantial income just by sharing the program with their associates and partnering companies around the world.

In closing it is with great pride that we can work as a team on a global scale to help better this world for the future generations. This program can only work and duplicate globally if those that are interested in helping propagate this program on a global scale will first see the residual benefits to companies in good will and advertising along with the benefits of the opportunity and not the use of products by companies they approach with our program as the determining factor in joining our team.

The products are not important in the scheme of things that we are trying to accomplish!

The products may or may not be what a company is looking for but the program and the residual benefits would be of interest to any and all companies that wish to grow their business through advertising and good will! 

Our team is selling hope for a better future, we are selling a membership in a global team for change, we are selling good will and we are selling pride for companies in their local communities. In return we will as the systems become available support free of charge all our corporate sponsors in our local school support system on the portals of each school their company sponsors in to our program.

Each company sponsor for a onetime $49.95 setup fee will also get a life time advertisement in our international city directory in their company’s home city.

Another benefit to our company sponsors is last but not least is the use of the products that will be made available to them as a member of our team. Remembering that some companies have products in a virtual world and are always undergoing change, given the company time will allow them to always keep enhancing their products making them as time goes on better and better.

So let us all go fourth and sell our goals of global educational and social change, by showing companies the good will they can generate by helping children and soon get some great free great advertising as sponsors of schools in their cities.

“No man alone can change a world; change only comes by masses of people working in consort with one another for a common goal.” (m.g.)

Sponsorship of a school is the cost of the top income producing package and any monthly fee imposed by the company in question!
The income will flow into the schools when people and companies come to the portal and look up their country, state/province, city and find a school they want to support.

When people and companies join under a school, fire or police department, any charity listed in the support portal will earn schools an income from their joining under the school or other organizations allowed in the portal a substantial income once the local businesses hear about our program.
The person above the school or the company that sponsored the school will also make an income along with others above them at a faster pace than ever seen in the direct sales industry before!

“If you say you can, or you say you can’t; you are right” (mg)

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